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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 17, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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challenges president obama to face race relations head on. >> look, ma, dad caught a ball and i threw it back! what are you doing? that's the story of the day. give her a big hug. >> it makes you wonder if they will get the ball back. >> a lifetime of season tickets coming up for her. how you feeling? everybody ready to go? >> absolutely. thursday, friday eve. >> here we come. justin berk, what's the weather like? >> good morning. 6:00. we've got a little damp feel to the air. we've had showers, even patchy drizzle this morning. here's owings mills at the harbor school, 59 degrees but it's that east/northeasterly wind at 5, not very strong but definitely very noticeable, definitely giving us a little extra chill to the air. owings mills, garrison, pikesville showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and dry for the time being. woodholme elementary school, we visited yesterday, we'll show what you we saw coming up in a bit. they are dry now, just a little
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drizzle but we're watching showers on back towards the west and some of the rain near dc tries to head our way in the next couple of hours. plan for some showers developing, adjust it a little and in the afternoon, light rain, two-degree guaranteed high of 67. how about the traffic? >> looks great so far, no problems to let you know about, around the beltway or the tunnels. as we look at 95 southbound approaching the whitemarsh boulevard area we have traffic starting to build in the southbound lanes but again no problems, no real delays at this time. two fires in baltimore city that we're working, that has the intersections closed, one at north smallwood between clifton and walbrook avenue. that intersection remains closed, equipment still on the scene. same at franklin street between freemount and north shrower. in -- schroeder. in bel air, utility work at moors mill road, blocks the right lane. jfx at 41st street, traffic starting to build but music smoothly at this time -- moving smoothly at this time. maybe you're for it, your neighbor against it.
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we've seen the health care issue divide us. president obama makes a road trip to try to sell us on his plan. sherrie johnson has more. what do you expect to hear today? >> reporter: the campus is all abuzz this morning about president barack obama's visit here. they are expecting to hear more about the health care reform. more than 600 students have come down with the h1n1 virus here on campus. they've recovered in about three days. so, yes, the president is coming here to bring his push about health care reform to college park where the white house says he'll target voters younger than 30. he feels this will help sell his reform plan to a more skeptical general public. the university is setting up for a rally at the comcast center right now and that rally starts at 11:00 and it's open to the public. there's no tickets and starting -- seating will be on a first come/first serve basis. yesterday in washington the senate finance committee released its version of the health care reform bill that will cost more than $850
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billion. it does not have the support of republicans and it does not include a government-run insurance. instead it proposes nonprofit insurans cooperatives and to lower the cost of the plan the senate finance chairman says it offers fewer subsidies than the house democrats bill. >> there are some who think i've not gone far enough. there are some on both sides of the aisle that think i've gone too far. >> reporter: once again the president is expected to speak at about 11:00 this morning at the comcast center. 6:45 we'll try to catch some of the students that are already making their way to the center to hear that speech. reporting live in college park, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> even before the president speaks the republicans will offer what is called a pre-buttal on health care. guess who has been picked? former governor robert ehrlich. it's no secret he's thinking of a rematch with governor o'malley. is this a sign he will speak to reporters by conference call at
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9:30 this morning. governor o'malley will be with the president at college park. the head of the naacp is praising former president jimmy carter for speaking out on the mounting criticism of president obama. mr. carter weighed in after republican congressman shouted you lie during a nationally televised address during a joint session of congress. the former president said the criticism was rooted in racism. and naacp executive director ben jealous says it also sent a message to the entire world. >> what he failed to realize that every country on earth was watching that speech. to see our commander in chief den -- denigrated and disrespected in that way, did the office great damage. >> ben jealous was one of the featured speakers at a series on race at the pratt library. he also called on president obama to come out and address this issue head on. and certainly a lot of you are
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talking about this. go to tell us what think. do you think president carter was right? and do you think president obama should address it? go to our web site, friend us on facebook or twitter. just write us. we want to get your thoughts on the air. police say a 19-year-old armed with an ax is under arrest this morning after he attacked a high school in southern germany wounding nine students. this happened in germany. in addition to the ax the student appeared to be carrying molotov cocktails. investigators say the attacker was also hurt. no word on a motive this morning. now to the latest on the death of a yale university student. we could know in a couple of days if a person of interest in this case will be charged in the murder of 24-year-old annie le. a connecticut police lab is now expediting tests on his dna. 24-year-old raymond clark iii was questioned by police yesterday and annie le was so
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suffocated and her body was stuffed behind a wall on the day she was supposed to be married. clark is an animal lab technician at yale. rape charges dropped against four men, the 18-year-old recanted her story regarding the hofstra students and said the sex was consensual. the woman accused the men, including a hofstra student of taking a cell phone on an oncampus nightclub, luring her into a dormitory and sexual assaulting her sunday. the song "if i had a hammer," became a staple for roundtable tensions in the 1960s. racial tensions in the 1960s. the group, peter, paul and mary, mary travers died yesterday. they released many hits, including "puff the magic
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dragon." mary travers was 72 years old. >> i know it's hard. you walk by the vending machine and you hear voices, pick me. pick me. hands come out, they grab you. it's not pretty. >> you don't know what to do. you have to stop the madness. and putting on the pounds. so how does the soda tax sound? what do you think about this? abc2 news linda so joins us to tell us all about it. what's this about? >> reporter: the idea is if you make soda more expensive people will stop drinking it as much, some experts think that will help fight obesity. the plan is being released by the new england journal of medicine. the group wants to increase the soda tax by a cent for every ounce. that, experts say, will get people to drink less of the sugary beverage and cut down on obesity, diabetes and heart disease. the plan is similar to the tax on cigarettes, to help curb smoking while raising money for the government. the plan would be the same for the soda tax.
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all that extra money could be used in health programs. more than 30 states already charge sales tax on soft drinks but generally those taxes are fairly small. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. i ran into orioles skipper dave trembley coming out with a six-pack of diet coke. he was all smiles and said that matt is coming on. chris tillman was the story. before the rain delay. pink in the seventh, jifg up just a one. after one hour and 40 minutes rain delay, 100 fans still in the stands. the rookie misses his first walkoff home run. come on. here we go. orioles win, let him circle the bases, 4-2. the orioles all jumping around. great for matt. way to go. this is for every dad and his baby girl. it's the cutest story of the morning. of the week. a dad catches a foul ball. he hands it over to his little
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girl. gets a high five, she throws it away! what? come here. i forgive you. let's slow it down. there's the high five. there it goes! i believe she hit the cutoff man. that's all that is important. then you'll be all right. is that the best story of the day? >> so cute and his reaction so adorable. >> that is great. >> hopefully they will get the ball back. a ball. >> they will be on every talk show. he wanted to give her a kiss. after his wife - >> but what happened after put five people in the hospital. and you can feel the heat coming up, with the camera in your face. and we're going to tell you about the 10-minute commercial ride back to the airport after the weather wouldn't cooperate for one flight. also, legos, who doesn't
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love them? they are fun but look at what this guy did. we'll tell you about it coming up. and 6 of:09. we have damp weather -- 6:09. we have damp weather, showers, drizzle. 63 degrees. coming up, the highly touted rapping teacher from woodholme elementary school in a bit. for now, someone who never throws a ball, kim brown. >> that's right. southbound 95 approaching the 695/895 split the traffic appears to be moving at a good pace. i'll have the complete traffic details up next.
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breaking news. new haven police say they expect to make an arrest soon in the death of yale university student annie le. a lab university technician has been named a person of interest but not yet charged. a state lab said it was expediting the test on animal lab technician raymond clark iii but we've been told to day
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on our toes that an arrest is imminent. we'll have more on this with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> so sad. an airplane is probably the last place you want to be during a lightning storm. >> but scary moments on an american airlines flight from utah when a fast-moving storm hit just as they were taking off. listen to this. >> started to go into the clouds, the clouds got darker and darker and darker. and all of a sudden you just felt this bump, like a jolt. >> the pilot came over the speaker to tell the passengers the plane had been hit. white knuckled as you can imagine. prayers were being said. 10-minute descent back to the airport. >> you could see the ground which was good, and then they landed the plane, the minute the nose came down everybody clapped for the pilot. they did a fabulous job. we were really happy. told everyone congratulations and thank you very much when they walked out. >> despite the lightning strike no one was hurt, no damage to the plane.
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it's actually back up and running the next day. amazing. here's justin berk with weather. >> they've done a lot of research, about 100 planes a year get struck been lightning. on take -- on takeoff not that common. i've been to a lot of schools over the years. we broadcast live on "good morning maryland" but what we saw yesterday was something special. let's take to you woodholme elementary school and check out teacher mckinley broome and his crew. ♪ >> apparently the audio is a little hard to take here. we'll try to put up the words for you. mckinley was here for five years, rookie teacher of the year. the principal tells me the last
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two years, considering equal demographics they have 100% of their msa tests in math. >> he's rapping about science? >> they do a little science but it's actually encouragement about them getting home, getting sleep, eating right, doing homework. you can see some of the kids were really getting into it. i apologize the audio didn't come out but the kids were great. it was really touching. >> passion. what you want to see. >> we'll put it up on the web site and see if mr. broome can send me the lyrics. each year they do this. it's like a big celebration. good stuff by the weekend, not today. 63 in baltimore as we're checking out a little bit of drizzle and showers beginning to roll in from the west. we can actually watch this around the dc area. this light rain begins to spill in. though it's not that wet now we're expecting during the morning rush hours, again, between now and 9:00, light rain begins to move in because
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of this system to our southwest spreading more moisture our way. combine that, an old frontal boundary, easterly wind and everything locked in across the mid-atlantic, a wet day as we head through this afternoon. our two-degree guarantee only 67 degrees. as we head on in through tonight we'll taper the showers back down, going to 61. and morning clouds tomorrow, will actually give way to dry weather by the afternoon. we clear out to 76. that weekend we're talking about, we'll drop it to 72 but dry saturday. sunday morning starts at 48. we'll stay dry at 74. more on the updated forecast through next week coming up in a bit. remember, you can catch us on line at at 63 degrees, right now, also you can check out that interactive doppler radar there in the middle of the screen. 6:17 now. let's check the roads with kim. >> as we look at 95 southbound at maryland route 32 in howard county, down towards the dc area traffic is moving along at a nice pace. keep in mind for the friends commuting to dc be aware that you will see increased volume
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on southbound route 1 and the capitol beltway because of the presidential rally this morning at university of maryland college park so give yourself a lot of extra time. we're working a few incidents around our area. two fires in the city, one north smallwood between clifton and walbrook, that intersection is closed. franklin between freemount and north schroeder, that is closed as well. and eastbound 22 at moors mill road, utility work. word of an injury accident, southbound york road and thornton mill road in hunt valley. jfx at cold spring lane, traffic beginning to build southbound but no problems at this time. back to you. her life almost came crashing to a halt when he asked her to marry him. literally. a man in pennsylvania proposed to his girlfriend when they were driving. he leaned over to kiss her and as he did swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a car head on. you're looking at dash cam video from the crash. five people including two
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children were hurt. the good news is everyone is expected to be ok. this next story is definitely worth stopping whatever your doing and looking at the tv screen. you probably played with legos as a kid. a man in queens managed to make a real living from them. lauren glassburg from our sister station in new york reports. >> i played with lego toys all day long, everyday. >> reporter: sean kenny doesn't just play with them, he gets paid to play with lego toys. >> i'm lucky enough people are willing to pay me i feel my time is worth to do this. >> reporter: this sort of thing is hardly basic. some works takes years like yankee stadium made from 45,000 pieces. it's not surprising that sean stocks 1.25 million lego pieces at his queens studio. >> i have to keep them all sorted by size and shape and color. >> reporter: there's a system all right. since not all pieces look like these. there are hair pieces, face
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pieces and sean's favorite piece, the one with the bump. >> it means that you can start building sideways. >> reporter: it's those curves that can sometimes do you in. >> if i don't want this piece here that one is connected to this one, connected to this one, connected to this one. you have to take the whole thing apart and start over again. >> reporter: the ones that don't work get recycled. the ones that work are glued for extra security. right now sean has been commissioned by the new york stock exchange. >> they will use it as display next month. >> reporter: he loves building buildings. >> i walk around the streets of manhattan and i see buildings as if they are built out of lego bricks. >> reporter: sean used to have a desk job. that's what life looked like back then. now he creates lego kick toppers for $79 and larger pieces for thousands. he even has a how-to book for kids. after all, that's how he got his start. >> it's one of the only toys i think is going to stay in the toybox from when they are 5 to 12 or older in my case.
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>> great. >> you would love to live next door to him? >> yes. i would there be all the time. can i make something? cool. you made a one room rancher when you were little? >> yeah. >> how does it look now? >> pretty slim exird to the new york stock exchange he built. as a kid, some of the more enjoyable moments you remember watching the parade. >> well, the economic squeeze that is forcing baltimore city officials to end a long-running tradition. first we're heading up to new york to get the latest business news. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with the widening investigation into bank of america's takeover of merrill lynch. new york's attorney general has subpoenaed five members of bank of america's board. they are expected to be questioned about the billions in bonuses paid to merrill lynch executives before the deal closed despite the firm's massive losses. the investigation is trying to determine if bank directors misled shareholders by withholding details of the losses and bonuses. bank of america is responding to calls for simpler
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credit cards. today the bank is unveiling a new card that features a one-page explanation of terms and conditions, a fixed rate and flat fee for late payments. the rate won't change based on a customer's payment history or credit rating. other companies are expected to release these types of cars in the coming months. chrysler will begin leasing cars again starting today in an effort to boost sales. all 2010 chrysler, dodge and jeep models will be eligible and some special deals on select vehicles will be available through the end of the month. leases could make cars affordable for most people. chrysler stopped offering them last august when financial markets collapsed. toyota is planning a billion-dollar marketing blitz to boost sales in the u.s. over the final three months of the year. the big budget will go towards advertising, subsidizing leases and loan rates and other incentives. toyota is also considering expanding its line of hybrid cars under the prius name. clothing retailer abercrombie and fitch is suing
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beyonce over the name of her new fragrance. the company is trying to stop her from using the name sasha fierce, beyonce's alter ego. abercrombie says it owns the trademark for its men's fragrance. but a statement from the perfume maker says the word won't be used when it launches next year. and that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair.
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6:25. we're still working on trying to get that wrap-up for you. i'll talk to mr. broome. we want to see if we can inspire more teachers to do that in the classroom. woodholme elementary school in pikesville, good example for schools across our state. a quick peek at the weekend,
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jumping ahead to saturday, we'll turn sunny but cool. 72 downtown. probably staying in the 60s. we'll drop into the 40s by sunday morning. you go from 60s today and rain, clearing tomorrow. we cool down over the weekend and then we introduce showers back in, not sunday but monday and tuesday of next week. 6:26. here's kim brown. >> is where you can get your traffic tweet updated to you instantly. southbound 95, traffic building as you make your way towards the capitol beltway but moving at a good pace. keep in mind you'll see increased traffic along the inner loop of the capitol beltway and southbound route 1 through the college park area because of the presidential rally at the university of maryland we're still working several events around your area, north smallwood between clifton and walbrook closed in both directions for ongoing fire investigation. same at franklin between freemount and north schroeder. southbound 95 approaching the beltway, a crash is blocking the left lane there. and hunt valley, southbound
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york road and thornton mill road, an injury accident. southbound lanes are closed, police on the scene directing traffic. alternate traffic gets by in the northbound lanes. as we look at the jfx, this is at north avenue, traffic is moving well with no problems this morning. back to you. that might be dreary and dark outside now but we wanted to show you some beautiful video to boost your spirits. this carpet made of 500,000 flowers is being assembled in tel aviv. it's got more than 100 volunteers spending seven hours laying out all the flowers in a very elaborate pattern. the carpet will be on display for the next two days. that is incredible-looking. if you want to buy a house have we got a deal for you. >> where you should live and you can get it $20,000 -- there's a few strings attached. we'll tell but this new place to call home, coming up.
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